Sunday, May 2, 2010


Apparently that means "See you later" in Chinese...but I tried translating "Goodbye" first and the same characters came up so who really knows.

I didn't talk much about this after my post about getting my passport, but I'm headed to China! Nanjing, tomorrow, to be specific. University study abroad trip, and there are only 15 students going with my professor and his wife so I'm ridiculously excited. No, I do not know Chinese or anyone else going but at this point, it's adding to my excitement. I'll still have email, which if we're friends (in real life or on Facebook) you have access to one way or another. Funny thing about China: they censor their internet, so getting to this blog will be extremely difficult, if at all possible. My main concern was backing up my pictures in case of computer or camera failure, so I created a site on Shutterfly, that I believe will be accessible in China.

I can also post in my "travel journal" on the site so if I feel so inclined to wax eloquent while abroad, I can do so. I'll only be gone for six weeks, but I'm sure the time will fly. I fly out of Sea-Tac airport tomorrow, to LAX, then to South Korea, then to Shanghai, then on the train to Nanjing. The next day I'll start classes in Nanjing University! Only two, one taught by a the BYU professor coming with us and one by a Nanjing professor. One about globalization (the topic of the whole program) and one about Chinese culture and history.

Just furthering my mantra, "Yukon, ho!" and I'll return and report in 6 weeks!