Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make 'em laugh

Last night, my office had a talent show. My friend was putting it together and was low on participants so she asked me to do a stand-up routine. Now, it sounds better if I claim I was forced into it, but really I have wanted to try stand-up for awhile, and I wasn't really into doing it in front of people I kind of knew, but if I really didn't want to do it, I really wouldn't have said yes. Then, the party planning committee wasn't sure who would M.C and because I'm that self-centered, I volunteered to do that as well.

The whole day I felt pretty ready to puke. I knew I wouldn't back out because I had already committed to doing it, but "nervous" was an understatement. I'd much rather strikeout in front of strangers than in front of people I have to see every day. I practiced my routine in front of friend 1 (already mentioned) and friend 2, who both laughed in all the right spots so I felt a little bit better, but not much. There was free pizza and dessert for everyone, which I didn't eat in case I really did puke, and then the festivities began.

I wasn't really nervous to M.C, for some reason I've done that a lot in my life already. Everyone laughed at all of those jokes and I was feeling good. I mean, I had a mic and everyone's attention, could I really feel that bad? Thankfully, friend 1 (her name is McKenna...I don't know why I can't just say that...) introduced me so that wasn't awkward and I just jumped into my jokes.

Everyone laughed! It was great, actually. I mean, my voice was shaking like a 1920's movie star warble (that's only funny if you've seen that one Family Guy episode...) but the timing was good, I only laughed at my own joke once (because I made eye contact with someone in the audience that was laughing). Big shout out to my mom actually, the whole sketch revolved around the FALSE notion that she was worried about me being 21 and single and assumed I was going to be a cat lady.

Afterwards, I got lots of congratulations, and the "Funniest Talent" award (which...there was no other stand-up so that didn't count for much, but hey, I got a candy bar) and I felt like maybe I really could audition for BYU's stand-up group, Humor U. Unfortunately I found out that auditions happened three days ago, so I missed it, but next year I'll be ready.

I've always enjoyed making people laugh. It probably actually gets really annoying because I'll do just about anything to make someone laugh. It's intoxicating, I feel the best about my life and myself when I'm making someone laugh. I don't think I could ever admit to anyone that I wish I could be famously funny, but secretly I wish I could be famously funny. Who knows, maybe it'll happen...?