Thursday, March 28, 2013

A very short, non-fiction story from my life

I tell stories and then people say, "you should write that down!" and I never do. No one ever said that to me about the following story, but I want to remember it.

I was dating a guy and as we walked out of church, my bishop said, "Take care of her" to which this guy winked and said something to the effect of, "Oh I definitely will." I was annoyed because I was pretty sure my bishop didn't even know my last name, let alone know anything about my ability to take care of myself (not to mention the guy's ability to take care of himself).

I was dating a guy and after a double date with my brother and his wife, my brother said, "Well I'd tell you to take care of her, but I know she can take care of herself." I was so pleased I almost wanted to cry.

This story has very little point. Except to say that I can take care of myself. I've needed lots of help in the past, and I'm positive I'll need help in the future, but I can do it. No one has questioned that lately, and it's been pleasant. I just thought of this story today and how much I love my brother in it.


Bekah said...

"Take care of her/him" is definitely used too often as a throw-away expression, like "How are you?" At least the person cares enough to say it, but you both know they're not going to interest themselves in the follow-through.

I think something similar when people who know my husband but not me tell him to be good to me. We both give each other a look that says, "If they knew you (me) at all..." If they knew me, they'd likely just pity Heath and keep their advice to themselves, or use me in an object lesson at church.

shannon j said...

That has always bothered me too, and what Danner said was awesome!