Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrating in Google Calendar

I use my Google Calendar religiously. I only became more meticulous about documenting every deadline, event, and appointment after I got a smartphone, when my calendar was always at my fingertips. I take pride in being able to spout off birthdays of friends, television series season premier dates, and future dinners with old roommates.

Along with my methodical insertion of dates into my digital day planner, I have also always been highly conscious of deleting past events. I don't want the clutter of dated entries in past days, weeks, and months. I don't want to see the textual litter across an otherwise immaculate landscape of white squares comprising my coming month.

About two weeks ago I realized I don't want to forget anything. I want to remember every coffee date and every Halloween party and every movie night. I want to remember every random drive downtown trying to find a place to grab dinner and every sojourn into Provo. Maybe one day it will become a necessity to wipe out all of these past reminders, but for now, they're each a celebration.

Yukon, ho, to the future of my Google Calendar.

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amanda said...

Laurie, I love calendaring, and I also love that I got to see you a couple weeks ago at BOY! A truly delightful moment of life. :)